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KOF Root
Creme layer cross section
   Thickness of layer : 0.178mm
   1,000times diluted solution
Creme Protector layer Extends duration time
   of Using agricultural
   Chemicals & Prevent
   rain / water wash
What is Creme?
Creme is a non-toxic, water soluble abnormal climate & Crop protect solution.

And its photo-degradable waxes create thin coated elastic membrane on the surface of plants which : Minimize water loss Provide barriers to protect

without interfering photosynthesis or normal stomatic/breathing activities during extreme abnormal weather.
Positive effects of Creme
Creme`s wax film layer on the crops
Blocks water release from crops
    (Keeps water inside)

  • Prevention of excess water loss in the plant.
  • Water is the most essential factors for plants, especially in arid/dry/ desert/ drought places.
Blocks penetration
    of bacteria / pathogen / fungus

  • Water/rain splashing from diseased plants onto healthy plants spread the infection, but with its wax film layer blocks penetration of bacteria / pathogen / fungus.
Suffocates existed fungus,
    pathogens on crops to death

  • Prevents/blocks contagious disease with its wax film layer.
Extends duration time of using
    agricultural chemicals

  • Creme can be used with any agricultural chemicals.
  • Usually, rain falls and water washed away the agricultural chemicals, but creme`s wax film layer prevents it washed away.
Reduces cold, froze damages with
    thick wax layer.

  • Winter period (dilution ratio 1:500)
  • Thick wax layer warms the crops
  • Due to its slippery wax film layer, dew drop or water droplet slide down without frost bites or freezing damages.
Increases shelf life
    (longer storage)

  • Wax film layer keeps moisture inside the crops which makes shelf life longer. (Crop Export Use)
Dragon Fruit(Pitaya) field test in Vietnam
Ant Bite (virus penetrated)
Calio + Creme Mix treated Control
video (English+Russian)
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